One-stop connector and
wirng harness solution supplier
One-stop connector and
wirng harness solution supplier


Our Service

Customized product

Fully customize your product according to your sales needs.

Full range of samples

Diwei can provide you with a full range of product Samples for free.

Sales support

Provide you with local sales solutions through production and sales experience.

Technical Support

Product design, product installation and after-sales service according to your needs.

UI design

Diwei can provide you with product packaging and brand design for free.

Reward program

Diwei has a mature cooperative rebate and incentive plan to help customers better reduce costs.

Product Advantages



Corrosion Resistance




Insertion times

More than 10000 times


Stable Performance

Under high load

Why Need DIWEI

More than 20 product series options

Provide a wide range of connector product series, connectors and wire harnesses cover the needs of different specifications, types and applications.

100% Fast Delivery

Ensure fast delivery of connector products to meet your tight project timelines. Provide a variety of logistics support. Help you reduce inventory costs and improve the efficiency of project execution.

High quality and reliability

Connectors that have undergone strict quality control and testing and obtained multiple certifications can work stably under various environmental conditions.


Professional technical support

Provide a professional technical team of 8 people, who can provide you with consultation on connector selection, installation and application in complex projects or applications at any time.

Customized solutions

You may need connectors or wire harnesses with special specifications, designs or functions, we can provide customized solutions to meet your individual needs

Perfect after-sales service

We provide after-sales service such as product warranty, repair and replacement. Ensure timely response to questions and needs during the service process, and provide professional after-sales support.

Cables And Wire Harnesses

Customized wiring harnesses can provide cable solutions suitable for specific applications, optimize the layout and performance of connectors, reduce the risk of failure and simplify maintenance, and improve system performance, safety and durability.


Customizable Wiring Harness Content

☆ Material
☆ Shielded
☆ Color
☆ Interface Type
☆ Wire Length
☆ Wiring Method


Wire terminals and connectors


Housings and protective sleeves


Seals and gaskets


Guide sleeves and mounting fixtures


Protective caps and backshells


Fuses and resistors

Why Choose DIWEI

When you're looking for products to keep your equipment running reliably, you need to focus on proven, sustainable, premium products.

At Diwei, we are committed to providing just that for our clients. Equipment manufacturers and sellers choose to use diwei products comfortably and confidently because of their performance, reliability and service life. This means businesses and users around the world can rest assured that their devices and assets are protected.

To achieve such high performance standards, you need a strong and reliable foundation. That foundation starts with the high standards of the product. diwei has always adhered to its time- and performance-proven production process.

Commercial Sales


Industrial Application

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