One-stop connector and
wirng harness solution supplier
One-stop connector and
wirng harness solution supplier

High Quality Products

When you're looking for products to keep your equipment running reliably, you need to focus on proven, sustainable, premium products.

At Diwei, we are committed to providing just that for our clients. Equipment manufacturers and sellers choose to use diwei products comfortably and confidently because of their performance, reliability and service life. This means businesses and users around the world can rest assured that their devices and assets are protected.

To achieve such high performance standards, you need a strong and reliable foundation. That foundation starts with the high standards of the product. diwei has always adhered to its time- and performance-proven production process.

Product Advantages



Corrosion Resistance




Insertion times

More than 10000 times


Stable Performance

Under high load

Excellent Performance

Diwei's products have passed multiple tests and still maintain excellent performance under extreme conditions of use.

Raw Material Testing


Chemical composition analysis:
By using mass spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, etc., the composition analysis of connector materials is carried out to ensure that it meets specific requirements.

Physical performance test:
Connector materials need to have properties such as strength, hardness, and wear resistance. These properties can be tested by mechanical testing, hardness testing, wear testing and other methods.


Conductivity testing:
Verify the electrical conductivity of the connector through resistance testing or current conduction testing to ensure it can provide a reliable electrical connection.

Corrosion resistance test:
Corrosion resistance test can be used to evaluate the resistance of connector materials to moisture and corrosive gases. Commonly used methods include salt spray test, damp heat test, etc.


Reliability test:
Reliability test includes vibration test, temperature cycle test, mechanical shock test, etc., to simulate the working environment and stress of the connector under actual use conditions, and evaluate its performance and life.

Finished Product Inspection


Visual inspection:
Visual inspection is used to check the surface finish, color consistency, scratches, dents, etc. of connector housings, plugs, sockets and other components.


Dimensional inspection:
Dimensional inspection is used to verify the key dimensions of the connector such as length, width, height, and aperture.


Electrical Performance Testing:
Electrical performance testing is used to evaluate electrical resistance, insulation resistance, continuity testing, current carrying capacity, etc.


Insertion force test:
The insertion force test is used to evaluate the strength and stability of connector insertion and extraction to ensure that the connector has appropriate insertion force and can withstand repeated insertion and extraction operations under normal use conditions.


Durability testing:
Insertion and extraction cycle test, friction and wear test, vibration test are used to evaluate the reliability and durability of the connector during repeated use.


Temperature and humidity testing:
Temperature and humidity testing is used to evaluate the performance and reliability of connectors under different temperature and humidity conditions. Connectors may need to withstand environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, and humidity to ensure their stability in different environments.


Salt spray test:
Especially for applications in marine environments or highly corrosive environments, the connectors are tested for their resistance to corrosion by exposing them to salt spray environments.


Diwei's products are guaranteed to pass the above-mentioned raw material testing and finished product testing before delivering the products to users around the world, thus gaining recognition and trust. In addition to the company's independent testing, we have also passed a series of certifications from authoritative testing agencies, such as CE, ISO, UL, FCC, TUV, EK, RoHs.











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